About Me

Welcome! Iím Lyryn Kay. I am a photographer who loves the creative process and also loves people. There are so many things that inspire me. Iím always up for trying something new and pushing the boundaries of photography. With every shoot I am constantly challenging myself and always discovering something new. The more time I spend behind the camera the more diverse I get, and there is nothing more thrilling than doing something you love!

I have a theory; pictures should not just be a group of photos that sit in an album collecting dust. They represent the wonderful memories and beauty throughout your life. Pictures have a way of taking us back, allowing us to reminisce about a perfect moment in time. They can make us laugh and they can make us cry. My favorite subject is a newborn baby, fresh out of the womb. Itís the start of a new life, and I feel privileged that I have been able to photograph a few.

Capturing these moments for people brings me joy. I get to be a part of someoneís amazing memory. I want the photos I take to be so real, that when you look back at them, you are temporarily returned to that incredible moment in time.

I never realized how much joy photography would bring me. It has become a way that I can express myself. My son has brought a lot of that out in the past year and I enjoy nothing more than photographing his perfect little smile. Through my photography I have learned a great deal about myself, and Iím excited to see where it takes me from here. Come join me along the way...